Filipino Family Applying for Non-Immigrant US Visa in Abu Dhabi

I am not an expert by any means in this field, but I do try to keep up to date with my page and through this little way of sharing our experience on how we got our US Tourist Visa Multiple Entry, passersby might get an idea which may help them find inspiration and motivation to apply for the so called American Dream. Chars!

The Basic Application Procedure

Step 1. Complete DS-160 application form for each family member or group of applicant.

Click the link and it will direct you to the DS-160 Application site.

Choose the country where you will apply and click start application, An 8 digit alphanumeric ID will display write it down in order to retrieve your application within 30 days if you can’t finish it in one sitting. Hence, you can print the ID application number for better memory.
Once you click start application, a security question will be asked before you proceed to the next page.

Be cautious when filling up the form, there are some pitfalls you wouldn’t realize might affect the result of your application.

Common Errors: Please be sure you review your application in order to avoid common errors in the following requested information areas:

  • Visa type requested;
  • Current home address;
  • Prior travel to the U.S.;
  • All travel to other countries in the past 5 years; and Name of person and (if applicable) organization preparing the DS-160 application on your behalf.

Some Pitfalls I can share based on my experience filling up:

  • Last names and Given names per passport
    In my previous trials of filling up DS-160 form I just put my last name and first name but after some net searching I found out that when they say given names it means middle name is included “as is” in your passport.
  • Home Address
    It will also ask for your home address, at first my husband thought it was asking for our home address in the Philippines, got confused because I answered it with our UAE address… After reading tons of forums on how to fill-up DS-160 then and only I realized that home address is the current address, meaning your UAE address.
  • Country/Authority that Issued Passport
    The Country you are citizen of ( Philippines). This part confused me as well, if you were staying in Abu Dhabi, your passport expired and Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi issued the passport, the issuing country is still Philippines and not Abu Dhabi.

You can print it on your own will for reviewing purposes but it is not required, you do not need to bring the printed form on the day of your scheduled interview.
Do not sign it up online unless you have reviewed all the information provided because once it is uploaded and the system displays your confirmation message, you cannot edit nor view your application.
View this site to help you assist further regarding your form fill up.
When you’re done reviewing your application, click next, read & agree to the terms & condition of the application.

Step 2. Photograph Requirements

You can also test your 2×2 white background photo in the beginning of application to know if your photo is approve to be used, a recent photo no later than 6 months is required, once system accepts then you can confidently continue filling up the form. This is only advised in case you already have a ready photo, else you can still proceed to the next process even without it because you can retrieve and update it later on.

Click the link to know more about photo requirements.

  • Signing up online
  • No Changes Allowed

Once the online form DS-160 is submitted you will not be able to access the form and make changes; However, it can still be viewed. Hence, you really need to edit  you can fill a new form again but it will generate a new bar code.

Step 3. Make an appointment.

Visit to obtain information about visa types, appointments and delivery of approved visas. Pay the visa application fee. You may pay the fee online, via phone or in person. This fee is not refundable.

Step 4. Print instructions & confirmation page

On the day of your appointment, please come to the Embassy or Consulate General no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Please do not bring any bags, briefcases, etc. with you when you come to the Embassy for your visa interview. Only applicants will be allowed into the consular section, according to their appointment time. Children under 14 years of age and adults over the age of 79 are not required to appear for an interview and their applications may be submitted via Empost courier services. Please visit for additional information.

Step 5. Documents Required

At the time of the interview, applicants must bring the following to the Embassy:

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months and has at least one blank visa page;
  • Previous passports (if available);
  • DS-160 Online Application confirmation page; and
  • One photograph

In order to demonstrate strong ties to the United Arab Emirates, applicants may also provide:

  • Bank statements for the last three months.
  • Letter from your employer stating position, start date and salary.
  • Letter from your employer establishing purpose of travel.

Processing Time: We recommended that travelers apply as far in advance of their intended dates of travel as possible. While most approved visas are ready within 48 hours, some applications require administrative processing which can delay issuance from one week to over six months. It is not possible for our office to determine before an application is made if a case will need additional administrative processing. Final travel arrangements or flight reservations should generally not be made until you have received your visa.

Step 6. Day of the Scheduled Interview

  • Fall in line for the sticker bar-code issuance in the US embassy gate, present passport & confirmation page.
  • Fall in line again
  • X-ray/frisking
  • Off your mobile surrender it to them they will give u card and can claim it when you’re done with the interview
  • in the waiting room, wait for every 5 persons to be called
  • Walk a few steps to reach the interview establishment
  • X-ray, confirmation page & present passports, get a queuing number
  • Special # for family with kids
  • Called in booth bet 1-3 for scanning of docs
  • Booth 10 for finger print
  • Booth 4-9,11 for interview

Here are some of the questions the Officer asked us:


Have u been to the us?

Do you have any relative to the Us?

Whats the purpose of your travel to the us?

How long are you planning to stay there?

Do you have friends there?

Are you planning to visit her?

How long have u been staying inUAE?

What countries you’ve been to?

How often do you travel back to Phils.?

Husbands work

Do u get commission?

Bank statement

after 2-3 minutes…

Congratulations on the conditional approval of your Visa, you will get your passports after 2-3 days woo hoo!

Take your white slip with instructions 🙂


24 thoughts on “Filipino Family Applying for Non-Immigrant US Visa in Abu Dhabi

  1. Hi,

    I think one of the best thing that you can present are stamps in your passport as proof thAt you have travelled to other countries before and that you are ligitimate traveller. But, If they will not ask if the applicant had travelled to other countries before at the time of interview, would they know if you are a frequent traveller? Because the online application for B2 doesn’t ask about past travels. Looking forward to your reply.


    1. If history of traveller was not asked during filling up of application do not worry, they will browse your passport in front of you page by page while asking past travels once you’ve handed it over to them during the interview.


  2. For every child po need mag fill up ng ds160 and ifill up lahat ng information. Kasi most questions not applicable sa age nila. Thank you


    1. It’s approved… I guess 😁 coz that’s what I got too.
      Conditional approval may mean its up to their decision the validity of visa u will receive for the b1/b2


  3. Hi Umisob!

    Thank for your blog. I went today for interview in US Embassy Abu Dhabi. She said i will get my visa in 2-3 days and she also gave me a white paper but when i checked online it says ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. Did the same thing happen to you?


  4. Hi! I would like to ask if considered tayo as permanent residents here in Dubai? Ang sagot ko kasi is No. i was applying for B1 visa for work.


  5. Hi, what would be the best answer to this question on the interview?… “Do you have any relative in the US?”.. noting I saw some few distant relatives and friends on Facebook now living in US 🙂 Thanks..


    1. no answer is safer than telling them the truth, better tell them the real score distant or first degree relatives. I heard from the time you finalized your application they run a background check about it like a Clearance check. Because if they found out ur lying it could trigger visa denial maybe. Fyi, one of my friend had the same issue like ur sample situation, she answered that she have relatives in the US but the officer didn’t ask more about it. Hence, she prepared herself to tell them if ever they will ask her further questions, she will say:
      “before I knew that we have distant relatives in the US but not sure if they are still residing there due to lack of communication.” Because that’s the truth!


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