Disney Princesses you didn’t know were BFFs

One fine afternoon, Isobel decided to be Princess Anna…img_7565thought being Princess Anna is all she ever wanted…img_7544She still have this transient feeling of wanting to be someone else more powerful…img_7557after quite some time of deep thinking… AHA! She is decided…img_7535and she couldn’t think of anyone else who fits the glory 🙂img_7536 She got what she wished for… To be her sister Queen Elsa 🙂 but she seems more angry and upset… I don’t understand why she could be so terribly mad and I don’t know how to help her… 😦img_3303Even her favorite fridge doesn’t know how to cheer her up…

img_3306Since she is a Queen Princess.. little did she know she’s been bestowed magic creation & enchantment skills 🙂

img_7711I wish… I wish… I wish… ” I  have a friend whom I shall take good care of like a sister”.img_7749So excited…img_7697Wish granted!!! meet BFF EfGee ❤ so happy!!! ❤ ❤ ❤img_7699Isobel: Would you like to be someone else aside from being Princess Anna?

Efgee: What do you mean?! I like being Anna, I’m happy being me.img_7734Isobel: I like to try someone else dress and charm, that is why I am asking you if you want to try something else as well.

Efgee: Ahmm… what do you think?! I am not sureimg_7726Isobel & Efgee: (Insert Imagination) hmmmm… hhmmm… !!!img_7739Voila! Isobel turned into Snow White without 7 dwarfs companionimg_7359img_7354img_7348Isobel: I like it!img_7369Isobel: I wonder how she does and whom she became?img_7380KAPOOOWW!!!img_7469Isobel: Wow Efgee… look at you! so pretty as Sofia the first 🙂 I am stunned by you 🙂img_7485Efgee: You too Isob, I am flabbergasted of how you carry Snow White’s dress. 🙂img_7435Efgee: Isob, I wanna do something…

Isobel: What is it that you wanted to do Efgee?!img_7432Efgee: Raise your hands like this, it’s more fun if you raise it up higher!

Isobel: like this??? What are we trying to convey here Efgee???img_7463Efgee: Repeat after me… Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! let there be flowers!!!

Isobel:Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! let there be flowers!!!

Chanting…img_7464Yipee 🙂 wish granted 🙂img_7407-1Snow White & Sofia enjoying the lovely flowers…img_7398Efgee: Look Snow White, the colors of the flowers behind us matches your dressimg_7396Isobel: Oh really? how lovely, isn’t it?img_7397Isobel: Look at these flowers Sofia… they’re matching your dress as well 🙂img_7419Efgee: I love it!img_7420img_7421img_7415Isobel: I’m bored, what should we do next?img_7506Efgee: Let’s have some rest now… Aren’t you tired?img_7505Isobel: Nope! i still have some dress-up business to do 🙂img_7589img_7604Isobel: “Have I dreamt I am a mermaid? or Am I a mermaid dreaming I am me?…”img_7578img_7569Isobel: “Ï wonder who will I be next… 🙂 “img_7588I will just leave it here and blow some bubbles to pop 🙂img_7662







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