Trick or Treat from my little Miss 👸🏽🎃👻

It’s Halloween and a huge wave of adorable costumes are unstoppable.

My daughter Isobel couldn’t hide her excitement as she started wearing costumes a week before Halloween, like Rapunzel (forgot to take a pic) & Bat girl costumes which I had brought from storage for one last time before she outgrew it completely.

  Bat girl


Some of her costumes like Elsa & Sofia the First won’t already fit, it was torn at the shoulders and far too short for her.

Elsa (Frozen) 


Princess Sofia (Sofia the First)

I remember before I always order cute dresses and make her wear it anyday, anytime when she was still little then we will just take pictures of how cute she was with those adorable costumes.

She used to have Alice in wonderland, Snow White, Fairy, Chinese & Sailor Moon costumes which I’ve given away to other baby girls so they can use it too.

Sailor Moon

Snow White




   Alice in Wonderland

  Chinese girl


This season is somewhat special because it’s her first official Halloween party to attend to and with lots of kids from her nursery school.

We went to Party Centre a shop at Al Wahda Mall, it was a great option to buy Halloween stuff because they have tons and loads of supplies for themed parties.

We fit several costumes and fit is extremely important because my daughter won’t wear it unless she’s comfortable with it aside from looking nice on it.

This Cleopatra costume won her heart 😻  she even struck a pose just like the image she saw on the packaging.
   After fitting she didn’t allow me to remove it nor replace it with any other costume even with her own clothes until we reached home 😅

The day has come and it’s Trick o’ Treat time!!!   Isobel in her full CLEOPATRA costume.   Wearing a costume brings a bit of flavor of fantasy during a fun day. Paper dance game    Trick or treat! It’s giving away of sweets time! Munching on her candies and chocolates she earned from trick or treat-ing. A photo of kids and parents who joined the Halloween party of Whiz Kidz in Heritage Park, Abu Dhabi UAE.

 One of her godmother Sally tried everything possible to attend this Halloween party to catch Isobel on actual costume. She arrived late but never for Isobel, they adore each other much. I spoil her wearing costumes while it is age-appropriate as there is positive effect of giving her the liberty to dress how she want, cute & charming, has a sense of play, and I think it gives her confidence too.

This year round costume wearing is a time I will miss most about her childhood.


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