Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Me and my husband got the opportunity to try out this thing in RWS-SG, which is something we are good at… I mean being silly together and having fun at the same time lol. You should really think and exert an effort on how you will make out your photos look great and instagrammable through different types of poses. I’m talking about Trick Eye Museum Singapore.
Look how my husband confidently struck a pose with this one! Effortless :p
Trying to blend in ya!
Β  Cuties..
The skills 😝

Which is which?! Both black and white πŸ˜‰

still managed to invent a pacute pose despite half of his body partially eaten by this enormous fish.

my husband won’t get jealous because they just got the same features ;p

I’m bring sexy back… Chos!
You could notice our pictures are all in solo 😦 forgot to bring our tripod in the hotel, actually TEM allows you to borrow their tripods for that specific visit free of charge. Tried our luck but when it was our turn for the queue they already handed over the last piece to someone else.

Still thankful though this is the only photo we have together in this crazy little sweet adventure.TEM man tried to keep us in but it’s time to say goodbye for now… Until you’ve finish your renovation πŸ˜„


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