Tiger Temple & Death Railway Moment

A friend told me the monks of the Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua Temple or tiger temple walk through the town & collect alms from the locals, maybe that’s the reason why I haven’t seen any monk at the time of our visit only local staff and foreign trainors.

TornadoI was dying to do a selfie with one of the monks tigers as I think it would be thrilling and memorable, I’ll get to see and touch a tiger for the very first time with a photo.
My own personal tiger experience was a mixed of emotions, happy, excited, scared, curious & doubtful. Together with this excitement I couldn’t help but wonder how could be these tigers so tamed & calm when we knew they were born fearless animals, are they drugged?
ย Some of my friends even told me that seeing my pictures with the tigers chained in an open area makes them think of animal cruelty, but when I was actually there I haven’t seen any violation against wild life care to depend it I conducted my own research just through internet. They were just loved and happy, if somebody wants to investigate the temple they can come, look and film… nothing is closed off to public, they can see anything they want.Tigers tamed starting at 3 weeks old
About monks you cannot touch them ever or sit beside them on the same level, knowing cultural things is not new for me as I am residing in a very cultural sensitive country as well. It feels very nice to know different cultures and I believe the best mentor is experience.the Death railway via river kwai from afar
Up close


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