Colour Me Rainbow Eyes Princess 

It was like 2 years ago when my cousin Ate gave me a purple rain attaché case full of make-up and I was like drooling & excited to wear ’em. Then I realized that I don’t wear make up all the time only when there is occasions, and that occasion I am telling you is very rare 😁  Here’s a photo collage of the “purple rain” make up I had.. after storing it for quiet some time in my closet, I decided to share it with my colleague-friends in the Company I formerly worked because it’s a blessing and beautiful blessings I believe must be shared to your love ones so it will multiply lol.

And so it happened!🎉🎈🙏🏼👍🏻💅🏻💄

It multiplied! 😇

Presenting the enormous stage of make palettes, pencils, liners, lip sticks, mascara, gloss, shimmer, polishes & brushes… A box full of beautiful colors, a pretty box in pink! This is my second time to receive a box full of beautiful make-up from my cousin Ate, I might have been a very good girl to her to receive such gifts from her lol … 😇  

Now that I have here with me my sis in law & Auntie, I will be grateful to share this pretty pink big box with them 👸🏻 thank you cousin Ate for everything 😘😘😘


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