Little flaps of tissue free!

I wanna remove my skin tags which I have plenty on my neck! They’re harmless I know and painless too, but I view them a little unsightly… Chos! Arte :3 

I searched online and there are a number of ways to get rid of them both at home & by visiting the doctor, but im kind of a procrastinator when it comes to repetitious treatment & long awaiting results (home remedies i mean).

I chose the Doctor-recommended advice which I also did before way back year 2012… Cauterization! 

Some people say removing it cause more tags to grow, but on my personal opinion I believe I am just more prone to develop new growth because “Skin tags gets more irritated when excessively rubbed, in contact with jewelry & clothing.” As quoted, i rub my neck too much while bathing, with towel cloth after bath & when sweating. I am acidic too, so whenever I wear jewelries fancy/gold like necklace it causes irritation to my skin & if fancy it tarnishes quickly.

So I went to my sis-in-law’s Clinic (worker’s comp.) and received the treatment skin tags free for FREE! I tried using my medical insurance but it won’t cover (though i knew i have a very good insurance plan) maybe because it is not medically deemed necessary. Good thing my sister is a staff of the Clinic and credit the tx under her name 😌 Perks!

Done in just one sitting and I’m little flaps of tissue free! 


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