Summer in Puerto Galera

#tbt #lateupload #2yearsback
Our first time in Mindoro and it was so much of fun what we had there, a sure thing summering in my own country makes me feel proud plus excited to explore and make happy memories. We went there through a local ship from batangas-mindoro, visited prince mon-mon’s castle in Calapan (without knowing he is somekinda-well-off-in-that-place-not-mentioning-the-big-house-and-governor-program-meet-and-greet-phew!) we really had a very nice stay in the Capital.
20140804-102424 pm.jpg
20140804-102655 pm.jpg
20140804-102712 pm.jpg
20140804-102819 pm.jpg
20140804-102831 pm.jpg
20140804-102838 pm.jpg
20140804-102848 pm.jpgsouvenirs attack!
20140804-103211 pm.jpg20140804-103232 pm.jpgPuerto Galera Beach
20140804-103451 pm.jpg20140804-103459 pm.jpg20140804-103508 pm.jpg20140804-103518 pm.jpg
20140804-104216 pm.jpg
20140804-103612 pm.jpg20140804-103621 pm.jpgchillin’
20140804-104403 pm.jpg20140804-104421 pm.jpgwhere do we keep our food eh?
20140804-103703 pm.jpgReggae Beach Resort
20140804-104045 pm.jpg
20140804-104654 pm.jpg20140804-105234 pm.jpgsummering
20140804-105326 pm.jpg20140804-105334 pm.jpg20140804-105346 pm.jpg20140804-105353 pm.jpg his improvised tattoo 😁 20140804-105508 pm.jpg2-pc bikini… “That’s a first!”
20140804-105516 pm.jpg20140804-105524 pm.jpg20140804-105532 pm.jpg20140804-105546 pm.jpg20140804-105553 pm.jpg20140804-105600 pm.jpg20140804-105610 pm.jpg20140804-105618 pm.jpg20140804-105626 pm.jpg20140804-105632 pm.jpg20140804-105640 pm.jpg20140804-105649 pm.jpg20140804-110113 pm.jpg20140804-110121 pm.jpg20140804-110128 pm.jpg20140804-110134 pm.jpg20140804-110142 pm.jpg20140804-110151 pm.jpg20140804-110158 pm.jpgshort vacation well spent… & it’s a wrap!


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