Shrimp Scampi Ala Yum

I know today is Labor Day but it’s also thursday meaning my working week just ended & weekend has begun (friday off). Staying at home means cooking, washing dishes & doing the laundry and as a wife I am appointed as cook of the day while Chris will do the rest 🙂

I am no match when compared to cooking Pro’s but I’d like to share this so-called quick-yet-non-sweaty-cooking-recipe to those who doesn’t have time to plan and buy expensive ingredients  just for a quick dinner.

Found a frozen bag of shrimp in our fridge and unwrapped one pack of elbow macaroni from a 5in1 sale packaging bought in Lulu hypermarket, some parsley, garlic, butter & etc.

here it goes:


1 pack of shrimp (as many as you like)

1/2 pack of Pasta or macaroni (i prefer mac)

Chopped garlic


parsley chopped

white wine (i used 7up as alternative)


black pepper & salt to taste

olive oil


In a pre-heated pan sauté olive oil and butter then put chopped garlic as soon as the garlic beginning to brown put the shrimp, sauté for a while afterwards put 7up, black pepper and salt because i used unsalted butter.  Toss everything until butter and 7up coats the shrimps add fresh chopped parsley & lemon. Spread the shrimp out in an even layer in the pan and boil the 7up for another minute. Remove from the heat and serve with cheese on top!

very easy & quick!


voila! Dinner is served 🙂 my SHRIMP SCAMPI ALA YUM




my Day 3 entry for #100happydays challenge #100happydaysofumisob



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