Hong Kong Part 5: Mong Kok

Yum wanted to experience “The Busy Hong Kong” before leaving HK, good thing our hotel room family neighbor Kuya Edwin & ate Neth Timango whom we became good friends with will go out too for some shopping! 😊
20140517-112920 pm.jpgWe travelled by train
20140517-113143 pm.jpgMeet our favorite good friends met in HK
20140517-113250 pm.jpgMr.Edwin & Neth Timango
20140517-113315 pm.jpgMong Kok night out with friends yii hah!20140517-113740 pm.jpgfirst things first! It would never be fun without tasting their variety of street foods20140517-113911 pm.jpg we opted to low price vendors, luckily the lady vendor got angry of us because we were taking pictures in front of her store and she didn’t liked it… However, her mood quickly changed when we told that we will buy from her, she smiled and said “ok ok take picture!” 20140517-114134 pm.jpg20140517-114925 pm.jpg20140517-115026 pm.jpg how was the taste kuya?
20140517-115202 pm.jpglooks like ate Neth can’t wait any longer to have a taste of it na hehehe
20140517-115333 pm.jpg
20140517-115434 pm.jpgtasty huh?!
20140517-115530 pm.jpg20140517-115547 pm.jpgNothing beats isaw padin for me 😊20140517-115607 pm.jpgshare tea 20140517-115753 pm.jpg
20140517-115847 pm.jpg20140517-115902 pm.jpg20140517-115917 pm.jpgwalked a little more and saw this signage from a random store “chocoolate”20140518-120013 am.jpg Cool Chocolate in one! Great idea… Actually, cool!
20140518-120204 am.jpgthis caught my eyes hehehe
20140518-120246 am.jpgunfortunately i did not buy any docs here… No matter how I loved to… The price is too good to be true! But I still doubted.
20140518-120939 am.jpgpa picture na lang…
20140518-121025 am.jpg20140518-121040 am.jpglook at those kinky costumes and naughty undies haha
20140518-121157 am.jpgtake away some snacks before heading back to the hotel
20140518-121343 am.jpg20140518-121423 am.jpglast pose in Mong Kok train station 😜


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