Hong Kong Part 1: The Trip

It’s our first time to fly together out of the country and it was very memorable, I can say that we really indeed had a blast!
May 12, 2012 is the date of our flight who fell on a really convenient day, we also celebrated our fifth year of being boyfriend/girlfriend on the same date without us knowing that this trip would cause us to end our happy-go-lucky life as bf/gf, to being fiancé/fiancée, husband/wife, until Isob came into our lives and became Mama & Dada…

Yes! All those things happened because of this HK Trip! Ha-ha!

With my favorite travel buddy. Backpacks on and were ready to fly!


Our flight was supposedly morning, since we booked via cebupacific and everybody knows they’re dilemma is never to be on time we assumed flight delays could happen, hence aside the cheapest fare I believe miracles do happen (they will fly on time) but cebupacific never fail to disappoint us, Our flight has been delayed for more than two hours.

Inside the plane

Evidence pic inside the plane seated in emergency exit row close to the front of the plane. It is typically considered the best seat as it usually offer a bit more legroom but if you are in front of an exit row like us  expect your seat may not be able to recline, which limit our comfort during the flight good thing it was just only a 2 hour-flight.

Touchdown HK airport! We needed to take two long escalators down and board skytrain which departs almost every other minute to the arrival terminal and immigration hall.

Hk airport

Immigration thing done! We are now in a process of waiting for our tour guide! We can still smile when above photo was taken…


Until this process of waiting reached the max point level of our patience hehe (kidding aside) we are just hungry and tired.
Yeyyy! Here comes our guy! Meet the Chinese guide “Edgar” oha English ang name!!!


Edgar speaks a little english, knowledgeable enough to communicate with people like us who does not speak nor understand  Chinese language except  xie-xie and ni hao ma! 


Our ride from Airport to Hotel

Chris looks really happy and excited he even asked me to take a photo of him with the signage saying (ching kwoi tsun charot) No smoking hk$5000 fine! He-he-he


A Hong Kong dollar coin change from 7-Eleven
We bought some snacks to pacify our hunger, we didn’t even had enough time to look around the place coz when we reached the hotel its already midnight due to flight delays and the best part here… our call time the next day was 8am (as far as I can recall) early in the morning.


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