Get well soon RUSSEL

I received a message and found out one of my very close friend/bff/sissybel was scheduled in-hospital stay based on decisions made by the physician requiring her to undergo surgery. When somebody so close to you is admitted to hospital it is often a very stressful time to the relatives, especially if a loved one is admitted as an emergency. Based on what happened recently to my mom she was admitted to the hospital due to high-blood pressure thank God she is doing fine now but still under observation, love you ma!😊 hehe


Before heading to the hospital we pass by Grandma’s cheesecake to buy some sweets for Russel to make her smile at least.


Ate Mae took this pic of us at Grandma’s cheesecake while picking different flavors of macaroons & lollicakes.


Grandma’s cheesecake selection

Inspired by these beautiful flower pot creation we went to a small local flower shop and handpicked freshly cut flowers then handed it to the florist with a simple instruction for the  arrangement to make it a cute and elegant bouquet for our friend. I prefer to choose bouquet over flower pot because there were a saying that a pot of flower should be avoided because it implies that the patient could be in the hospital longer. The reason is a potted flower takes its root deeper in the pot.


And it turns out really beautiful!!! I’m so happy ☺️ I love it!


It wasn’t a surprise visit at all as I informed her that we will pay a visit once we’re out from work.


Sorry I forgot to knock three times before entering the room I got too excited to see the patient


Upper photo
From left to right: Tita Minervs, Russel, Me and Ate Mae
We stayed for quite sometime and had a little chit-chat about her operation and thank God it went well, we will just pray for your speedy recovery.


French macarons


Time to go! We hope you appreciate our visit and I know u did feel grateful naman hehehe we love you and pagaling ka… anne curtis na box jellyfish lang ang peg mo sa hospital bed hehehe joke

Love you and get well soon sissybelle❤️❤️❤️


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