MERS Alert! (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)

Imagine how people feel about this virus spreading all over middle east most especially like us ofw working/living in the area where most of the infected victims are kabayan, We are alarmed by the news all over social network sites.

MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) is a severe pneumonia-like respiratory disease caused by a virus. It is different from SARS because MERS is caused by another subtype of the virus.

MERS causes high fever, cough, and severe shortness of breath. The infection is thought to be spread by close contact with an infected person.

A virus called coronavirus is the cause of MERS. There are many kinds of coronavirus, some of which cause the common cold. The MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV) was a new variant that was discovered in 2012 in the Middle East region.

How MERS spreads is not completely understood, but experts believe that the main way it spreads is through close contact with an infected person (by caring for or living with the person, or having direct contact with their respiratory secretions and body fluids). The people who have been infected by MERS have all been in a health care facility or among close family members.

MERS is different from SARS. Most importantly, the MERS virus does not appear to be as easily spread between people, whereas the SARS virus spreads very easily.

The main symptoms of MERS are cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, diarrhea & high fever.

In light of the incident, Everyone be safe and take necessary precaution to avoid contracting the virus. Don’t freak out and God bless us all

Video credit: WSJDigitalNetwork


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