Welcome to the Christian World Little Dragon


December 22, 2013

At 8:30 in the morning…

You are cordially invited in welcoming Daenerys Isobel Padua to the Christian world.

 Christening being held at San Antonio De Padua Catholic Community Church  

Tarpaulin layout

This picture was taken the night before Christening… 

Isob can’t wait no more, she looks very excited

It’s already past 11pm and she won’t sleep! photo taken during our mommy-baby bonding hehe she’s trying to cover her face here to do a peek-a-boo!

 Balloon pumping of 7 packs by tito Jasper and sisterette Ivy.. pumping 100 pieces each pack of balloons is not a joke!

Balloon break haha

Balloons , balloons , balloons! Balloons here and there! 🎈🎈🎈

Everywhere BALLOONS… Lalala 🎶

I chose GrayPink and lavender

Mama lyn (in white) busy cooking food with the help of my cousin Areej (wearing green) Whilst others are busy blowing balloons & preparing the venue.

Photobomb uncleSam.

 Good morning!!! Father Orly 

 He wasn’t the Priest who conducted the mass but he is the one who performed the procedure of baptism. 

No offense but as a Priest… “He is really Loud and quite pisses the public a lot with his quirky jokes.”

(Sign of the Cross forgive me Lord God for what I have said, I just can’t help it.)


Photo by Ryan Cruseus the official photographer of Isob hehe

Isob was already 10 months old when she got baptized, i know some of you were asking “why only now? Why not on her 1st month, 3rd or 6th?” 

I know it ain’t necessary to explain but, since you continuously read and visit my blog i adhere to think that u might be a friend, family, relative, colleague or as well as enemy whose interested to know and have a sneak-peek what’s happening in my family & life.

My husband and I work abroad afar from our dearest bebe Isob… She was only a month & a half old when I left them, I need to return back in UAE after 6 months for my residence visa because if I don’t come back in the said country chances are.. aside from loosing my job, I’ll be banned for not cancelling the visa through sending my resignation letter in the company.  So it took 8 months before I fly back again to Manila and decided to do the baptism even without the physical presence of her Dada… Chris was already in UAE by June 2013 so we need to wait a year before he can apply an annual leave from his work.

Isob’s TaTa Ivy carrying her inside the Church (glad to have a loving sister and tita for my bebe)

Isob finally met her Lolo Ador & Tita Joanne who flew all the way from Paris to attend her Christening

In the photo Isob seems worried why her Young Auntie looks sad…

Isob wearing a piece of cloth given by the Church during the Baptism

 My daughter is such a cutie pie haha 

Pretending to read the baptismal booklet in this photo


With God parents, proxy God parents & cousins

 With in laws

Isob was the first baby baptized in their batch out of 60 plus many infants, toddlers & kids

And i am such d happiest Mom (big smile!)


Candle lighting… Poor Isob… Fell asleep

Yey! Welcome to the Christian World bebe Isob


Hehe sweet photo! 

Outside Church, happy & hungry

 Photo with Dada’s car (Supra 1986)

With Ninang Melody & ate Gab

 With ninang Rinah Atuel


Isob with her Papa Tito Arvie (very good anak keep those ampao will check the amount later lol )

Candy buffet corner made by yours truly

Sweets overload


Cupcakes, give aways & bottled water

Choco fountain


Oopps!!! 👀

 Souvenirs from Blue magic

 personalized Bottled water


 Change outfit! Snow white dress with her Cake

Kulitsobel and I posing for a picture with kuya TJ behind their pink car

Kulitsobel making kulet his papa tito

 Kulitsobel with my sis Ivo and inaanak Aisha


Kuya TJ & Kulitsobel


Father side relatives of Isob

 Isob looks tempted whilst young auntie licks her lollipop


tried to grab d lollipop of young Auntie Joanne but failed to as she was hardly sucking it haha 

lovely kids

Another young Auntie of Isob from the in-laws her name is Dyana sofia tita Ynah for short

Pretty lolas, aunties and cousins prepping the games


 Happy little dragon


Pop the balloon game

 With tita Areej


 Happy Christening little Isobel

 I love you…

I would like to thank all the people who greeted, send gifts 

 like presents, cash, sponsorship. Relatives, ninongs and ninangs of Isob who attended and to those who unfortunately didn’t make it due to some circumstances like miles away… I thank you all the Godparents of my daughter.

 In behalf of Isob & Chris… I thank you 🙏

 God bless you all 





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