Catching up with my Girlfriends at Cafe Arabia

Its been a long time since me & my abu dhabi girlfriends seen each other (except ate mae coz we have the same workplace) so we agreed to make some time alone for ourselves to catch up with a cup of coffee.. just like the good old times…

 Ate Pinkie with kuya Boyet & baby Andreia called up saying they will passby our place so we can go all together.


 When we reached the area all I can see around are Villas… Big Local Villa 🙂

I even asked my friends if it’s the real place or we’re already lost around Karamah lols

Inside the Cafe was jaw dropping we we’re all in awe! the place has so many furniture as in MANY!

I got confused if it’s a furniture store or a local’s living room. The café doubles as a boutique, and overstuffed sofas, quirky knickknacks and a sort tasteful art make for a particularly interesting decor.

Picture sample of the cozy place…



 My sissybel whom i miss the most @ruuuussel

Wacky shot with my girls… Ohh how I love having fun with you guys @rinahinpink @maeyersz @ruuuussel

And since Your MIA hehe “Josie Lou is the best policy” we made this so we could take a photo of us complete.

A lot of chickahan session while waiting for the food

Our “do not disturb” photo 😁

On the other side of the table…

Busy boys din hehe

Exchange of gifts time!!!

Our cute watches courtesy of sissybel @ruuuussel from Philippines

Had a blast post holiday dinner with friends

We’re now ready to tour the place

Look they have a book corner

Sugar overload corner

Stuck in the sofa haha

We enjoyed the night at Cafe Arabia

Til next…

Address: 15th Street, between 2nd/Airport Road and 24th/Karamah, opposite Al Mushrif Children’s Park


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