Happy Hearts Day

Chocolates and flowers has been always popular during Valentines day.

This V-day I’ve thought of an idea about how to surprise and make your love ones feel special at this very heart gift giving day hehe. I even told myself that this is the best idea I’m ever going to have, so I’d better make the most of it. A simple, inexpensive yet unique gift is my goal.


So February 14, 2014 has come, i went to Spar supermarket which is the nearest in my workplace about only 10 steps away bought a pack of Hershey’s kisses and lindt heart-shaped chocolates.. 


As i reached the cashier-counter, turning on my back there’s a small flower shop named “Louisianna flower shop” . I went there and bought a single rose for my bff Sally picked by the lady seller whom said that it’s the most freshest looking rose in the batch placed on a pail. 



I also bought this cute valentine box in the said flower shop thinking it would fit best on my hershey’s kisses surprise.


Here’s what you’ll find inside the box…


A box full of kisses haha charaught!!! ❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋😘


Each kisses has a note under it.




Kainin mo ako means the chocolate itself hahahaha






These are all for my husband Chris 😁😁😁 cheesy chocolate lol

And of course….


For my weird friend Sally 😊 Red rose and heart-shaped lindt chocolate hehehe


Feeling happy daw sya lol



And here’s mine in return from my Valentino  hehehe 




So Papa-ble… So romantic, my one and only Cheesecake hahaha


He said it’s quite a bit dry so I should sprinkle it with water in the toilet sink…


Why toilet?!


No water in the kitchen sink? Hehe



This is what I found in the toilet sink… 

The most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen (I say it’s the most beautiful one coz he created his own arrangement in a local flower shop and personally handpicked a sort of freshly cut red/white roses…)

Isn’t it the most beautiful?! I just melted…

Haba ng hair hehehe



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