Arabian nights like arabian days desert safari adventure

We purchased a desert safari tour last april 2012 through online this site have a huge variety of cheap promotional items just like what we’ve got from 120aed each it goes down to 85aed only!!! As soon as we pay through card Ate Josie our madam organizer/coördinator/payer/follow up-er/haha! finalized our booking and schedule for the said trip 🙂 April 13, 2012 ^^

This is it! our most awaited desert safari tour 🙂

our group of 5 which consists of lovely & gorgeous ladies ^^ partial chos!

Rach & I bubbling with our hats 🙂

After almost 2 hours of travel… look at the scenery outside 🙂

Reached out and touched the smooth sand of the desert 🙂 great feeling and excitement!

Dune bashing!!! ;D getting ready ^^

oha! oha! the best off-road car during our dune bashing moment woo hoo!!!

haha Ate josie so funny! 🙂 #Panorama

Rach was so excited for her sandy pictorial ^^

I can’t believe it! it was so amazing 🙂

emote2x din ;D hehe

bye Mr. Off road car see u later!

our flop jump shot! 🙂

hehe emote2x ulit!

I love my boots ❤ havey n havey sa trip!

The Venue ^^ top view

trying out their sand boarding board… but too scared to do it in real action :S

Camel riding!!! soo first time 🙂

seriously… I’m so nervous coz my camel stand up first before rachel’s… hes kind of pasaway na camel… really!

I see… am really not an animal rider haha, looks like am gonna fall from dis pic 😦

hoo-well… smiling yet trembling hahahaha :))

look! hindi xa nadapa jan dahil s bigat ko, tlgang babaan moment n yan ^^

haha nakakawala ng poise tong camel nto ah

hayyy… finally! nagmamadali?!

hahahaha Ate josie’s turn ^^ looks like she’s really enjoying the ride together with Ping ^^ haha dakilang intruder of the month lng un peg nya dito hahaha

ang babae sa disyerto! bow

i am so cool-ness!!! bwuahahahaha

resident evil lng ang peg ^^

literal na mabuhangin ang sapatos ^^

tried mine… infairness wala maxado buhangin sa loob 🙂 wearing boots during desert safari is a success ^^

mamang sorbetero?? nuh-aa-ahh!! ^^ free arabic tea!!!

a fanta castaway….

heading to henna tattoo booth

time for some arabic henna tattoo ^^

loooooOOnnnggg wait! zzZZZZzzzz

finally its my turn…

tadah!!!! finished product 🙂

oh hello there little bebe ^^

bebe is a little baby safari inspector ^^ checking out our valuables for some reason 🙂 she’s looking for some ids I think ^^

I love this photo of them riding in an ATV or so-called quad bike 🙂 these girls rock!

MEAL TIME!!!! 🙂 buffet style 🙂

haha a dramarama picture and the award goes to non other than!!!!

Ate JOSIEEEEEE clap clap clap ^^

^^ I think she’s not happy with the award ^^

I love this!!!! so cute

the most healthy belly dancer ^^ with belly ^^lol but she’s so pretty 🙂

me & bebe were so close together ^^

Us five ^^ me,ate ria maie,ping,rach & te josie ❤

so cute little bebe mimicking ate ria’s poses all around ^^

don’t mess with the bebe safari inspector ^^

Me & rach doing our NYPD dance step 🙂

dead tired!!! …..


2 thoughts on “Arabian nights like arabian days desert safari adventure

  1. That was a while ago! 2012 so you’ve been here a long time now. 🙂
    We had our desert safari also last year on my b-day perhaps you would like to check it out under the “Something New” category. Thanks!


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