Pasalubong from Gorgeous Tin

Pasalubong!!! from  😉

When i got home from work I saw a plastic bag over my lappy and wondered “anu un?” kasi as far as I can remember hindi ako nglagay nun sa lappy ko dis morning before leaving for work. then suddenly i remember “ahh c tin to ^^” so excited to open the bag and ohhhh (caramel bars with accessory :)….) 

Naappreciate ko naman ang caramel bars dahil bilin ko tlga sakanya un before xa bumalik here sa country ^^ then i turned to look at the necklace kasama ng pasalubong bag isang (camera pendant necklace).

my first reaction was “weeeee my necklace….ayy bat nikon?!…:( “

thinking that my camera was Canon, Tin said that sinadya nya tlga nikon un kunin

pang alaska sa kin which is effective naman, kaasar lang dba?..

anyway I’m still happy coz she’s back ^^ i really missed her and she’s the sweetest ❤

i love her ❤

welcome back Tin ;D

thanks sa pasalubong


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