Whats inside my Topshop bag?

What’s inside my BAG?! 

This Bag is my favorite among the bags i have here abroad ^^

I use it a lot.. as in everyday!! yes everyday sa sobrang favorite ko xa hindi ko pa xa nalalabhan ;D

but don’t u ever underestimate my bag because even though I used it more often than others it doesn’t smell bad.. at all!

I bought it from Top Shop in marina mall w/ ate Maeyersz, at first i don’t wanna buy it kase im not fond of bags… i told her pa “ayaw ko nyan mahal!”

i really adore ate maeyers in persuading people kasi napabili nya ako nito khit mahal lol thumbs up for her (y)


– bench baby cologne 200ml (bubble gum)

– bactidose hydroalcoholic gel (complimentary sanitizer from our pharmacy)

-Lobello fruity shine cherry lip balm ( i bought it from Spar)

-Proactiv green tea moisturizer (Tin gave it to me when she saw my nose nagppeel/crack because of sneezing from flu)

-My Perfume Salvatore ferragamo 100ml (incanto bliss)

-case of my black berry mobile from #killuac

-wayfarer Rayban shades with case (sobrang init ng araw pag tanghali nakakasunog ng eyeballs)

-referral form from Dr.Murthy (for my teeth extraction UL5 & UR5)

-list ng pasalubong for my upcoming vacay in PI

-ATM card of Tin with her account details manually written on d info note

-atm machine receipt of withdrawal from Tin’s account

-UAE exchange receipt that the money I sent was successfully went through Tin’s account

-red coin purse from mango (my new coin purse)

-printed old coin purse (from my best friend Ivory, I had this purse since College even if i’m not using it now I still keeping it close to me because of the sentimental value) plus the tsinelas key chain from boracay;)

-room keys 

-my 2012 notebook Calendar (from ate Ria) 

– yellow pad , Angry birds info notes & penguin

– blue pen ( i wonder where is my black pen)

-comb (same kmi ni Mr. Noli De Castro ng suklay ^^ napanuod ko sa GGV)

-high lighter yellow & pink (most of my writing supplies i got it from the clinic ^^)

-Gello pony tail (ate Maeyers’)

-ligh blue hair clip

-used RTA abu dhabi to Dubai vice versa tickets

-my bulok wallet (sira na tlga xa since College dpa ko ngpapalit ng wallet)

-Capitano toothpaste (complimentary from our pharmacy again)

-oral B tooth brush

-Oral B dental floss



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