Hershey’s World Dubai Mall: “melt in your mouth not in your hand!”

Touchdown Dubai mall

20140227-081848 pm.jpg

Right after my dental check up we went straight to Dubai mall for a quick stop in Hershey’s world.

20140227-082437 pm.jpg

While walking, I passed by an aquarium with a mini cooper stucked in, thought it was cool so I took a photo of it.

About to enter Hershey’s store when I suddenly saw myself in a screen displayed in their store, it caught my attention which made my body to strike a pose hehe chos!

20140227-091215 pm.jpg

In-store they have a wall where you can strike a pose and staff will take you a  photo, then put it on a default hershey’s layout. Your photo will be in a chocolate wrapper as if you were a hershey’s chocolate model.

20140227-082748 pm.jpg

🔴Cute huggable kisses pillow

⚫️Piggy bank kisses

⚪️Softy-dreamy hershey bar pillow

🔵Unlimited gallons of hersheys chocolate syrup (choco & strawberry)

20140227-100844 pm.jpg

Super cute!!!

20140227-100918 pm.jpg

At the cashier-counter while am about to pay my purchase I tried to lift this big cup. It’s quite heavy for a cup full of sweetness.

20140227-101804 pm.jpg

I bought one “World’s LARGEST bar” it almost weigh 2kg pasalubong for my one and only nephew.

20140227-102213 pm.jpg

Orange corner/Reese’s corner

20140227-102309 pm.jpg

20140227-102326 pm.jpg

Passby Hermes hehehe

20140227-102358 pm.jpg

Going back to Abu dhabi my 1 day off spent in Dubai has just ended…


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