Eid Mubarak 2011: Team Bldg. charrr!

Woo hoo!

Holiday it is! Eid is here in Abu Dhabi a Christmas like break after Ramadan.

Abu dhabi despite it’s boiling heat weather during april until october has so many tourist destination to look forward and one of them is Ferrari World in Yas Island, the world’s largest indoor theme park which my colleagues and I spent a whole day tour.
20140301-074540 pm.jpg
Yas Marina Circuit
20140301-081423 pm.jpg
Welcome to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
20140301-081823 pm.jpg
From left to right:
Girl in green – Duo-duo
Girl in yellow – ate Rins
Girl in printed shirt – josi_josa
Girl in beige dress – Rach
Girl in sleeveless – ate Ria
Girl in stripes – Ping mom of Duo-duo
Only boy – kua Chard

Before starting the Ferrari world tour we had our breakfast at Yas ground floor with coffee, fraps, muffins,buns and of course picture-taking. Lol
20140301-082841 pm.jpgGot our individual ticket pass! Now we are ready to rock the F world! Yipee20140301-083001 pm.jpgAt the entrance picture-taking agad lol20140301-083754 pm.jpg

Hehe “kodakan” here and everywhere!
20140301-084613 pm.jpg20140301-084627 pm.jpg20140301-084639 pm.jpg20140301-084647 pm.jpgabove are just few from what we’ve seen in Galleria Ferrari – the world’s largest Ferrari gallery outside Maranello.

WARNING: following pictures shows how we patiently waited to watch and ride all the attractions from the park we could accommodate, sorry for the haggard and sweaty looks20140301-085500 pm.jpg20140301-085507 pm.jpg20140301-085521 pm.jpg20140301-085530 pm.jpg20140301-085540 pm.jpgPhoto review lol20140301-085558 pm.jpgOwling!20140301-085615 pm.jpgZombified! Due to long queue

Ferrari World Attractions:

Cinema Maranello
Driving with Champions
Galleria Ferrari
G-Force Tower
Junior Grand Prix
Junior GT
Junior Training Camp
Made in Maranello
The Pit Wall
Racing Legends
Scuderia Challenge
Speed of Magic (our favorite, we watched this fantasy 4-D journey twice)
Viaggio in Italia

Roller Coasters:

Fiorano GT challenge (our most favorite which we stand in line for nth time)
Formula Rossa (unfortunately out-of-order)

20140301-092556 pm.jpg
We got to virtually watch and ride a 4-d journey screaming woo hoo!!!20140301-092614 pm.jpgWe needed to wear disposable rain coats because we will surely gonna be wet on our next ride20140301-092619 pm.jpgThe gang with rain coats on!20140301-092624 pm.jpgWet and wild happy faces πŸ™‚20140301-092640 pm.jpgAnother ride20140301-092712 pm.jpgOh how I love this crazy amusement park20140301-093328 pm.jpgGoofing around and lots of kodakan again! Hehehe20140301-093956 pm.jpgLunch break! Had our meals at Espresso Rosso20140301-094250 pm.jpgShowing some love… Manifesting craziness overload syndrome! Oh how happy are we, super fun! …20140301-094518 pm.jpgWe are about to enter the Fiorano GT challenge roller coaster and we’re unstoppable to try this over and over!20140301-094550 pm.jpgShowing you the Ferrari World map πŸ™‚20140301-094605 pm.jpgWatching the rides live in action while waiting for our turn20140301-094611 pm.jpgA view to the steel roller coaster that will surely turn our stomach upside down even without inversions or vertical loops20140301-094619 pm.jpgLong wait is over…20140301-094627 pm.jpgYey!!! Finally IN πŸ™‚20140301-094636 pm.jpgJump shot for a successful ride lols20140301-094558 pm.jpgNext in line…Scuderia challenge20140301-113753 pm.jpgAfter joy rides we went to the Ferrari souvenir store to buy some items for collection and pasalubong as well20140301-113930 pm.jpgPahabol shot with junior car race track20140301-114240 pm.jpgAfter a long tiring but fun day we got to watch La Gara team performed to the tune of… What else… Nothing but Ferrari theme music,ferrari dance, ferrari lights, ferrari jumps and so on…20140301-114558 pm.jpgStars of the show20140301-114634 pm.jpgSore feet… Happy faces… Joyful hearts20140302-082329 am.jpgRach and I, with our soon to heal pimples arrgghhh!20140302-082440 am.jpgFinal shot at the exit… Goodbye Ferrari world see you next time til we meet again!20140302-082559 am.jpgStop over muna… hotpot for dinner at Xiao Wei Mongolian restaurant

20140302-082735 am.jpg
Bon appetit!


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